Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Goyal... rhymes... and the damn dollar!

In case, someone who doesn't know us is reading this (although I really doubt it!!), I think you need a bit of intro... particularly after Goyal's last post. Goyal is this chap who always, always has the right ideas... but somehow in trying to convey them, he sometimes ends up saying something that is so wrong that he takes your mind off the basic idea he was trying to convey... by his own admission, "[he's] not good at expressing himself"... anyways, if something in that previous Goyal post pricked your eye, try looking deeper, don't go by the arguments too much... and he'll start to make sense because he means the right thing...

Also, a wakeup call... in AABA format...
"Ankit, this is YOUR blog
Don't let us hog
Stop being an IT engineer
Go kiss the frog!"

(In case, you didn't get the joke, you really need to hear the one about the IT engineer and the talking frog)

Anyways, let's get to the main point... money... and how important it is to us... well, this is the first time I'm out making some on my own... and when I want more, it's not about sending an e-mail to Dad... if there's a time in the future when I'd want more, I need to make sure I had saved earlier! And I'm still trying to get the hang of it!

In the end it's about enjoying yourself, isn't it? You wanna go club-hopping every weekend, you need the dollar... you wanna order a pizza every night, you need the dollar... buy an i-pod, get a laptop, you need money... it's a fact of life... as factual as a fact can get!

So, I guess at one point in life, around the same crossroad we're standing on now, you have to talk to yourself and decide... what is it you're gonna enjoy the most... what will satisfy you the most... it can be sitting at home with your family and friends watching a large screen TV with 3D surround sound... it can be the look of gratitude in the eyes of someone when you help build a waterline to his village... it can be trying to find a cure for AIDS and failing (at least I tried...)... it can be the pride you feel in wearing a soldier's uniform... or it can simply be writing a more user-friendly compiler (although that's hardly simple!!)... it can even be writing the minesweeper program, something on every computer...

(Ha ha, I can actually start quoting Maslow's Needs Heirarchy here!)

Reminds me of a Joey-Phoebe conversation... there are no unselfish deeds in this world... I don't think that's true... but if someone's going after money, should we really be criticizing it? Is that really so wrong? Isn't a person allowed to put his own personal self before everyone else? On the condition of course, that you don't screw over everyone else! We're talking ethics here!

The problem here probably is hypocrisy... that's the only thing I'm against... it's that student who refuses to admit that money plays an important part in his life, in his career choices... when it actually does...

I personally don't wanna be a slave to the dollar... but having said that, I realize that I still want to be able to wear a pair of jeans and Tshirt... save a bit for the people I love, for emergencies, I wanna be able to eat a pizza once in a while... go back home in a taxi instead of taking the bus... I don't wanna end up with a loved one in a hospital and no money for the bills... and therefore, am I not already a slave?

The way out I see is that I combine my work interests with money making interests, find a middle line and go at it crazy now... so that in the latter part of my life, I can sit back and do the things I would enjoy, help others if I can...

I haven't got it completely figured out yet... if you got any ideas let me know... I guess this is my quarter life crisis!

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